House Budget Committee (Paul Ryan) Budget Resolution: Better, Not Best

Paul Ryan (front)

“The Path to Prosperity: A Blueprint for American Renewal” is the latest budget proposal from House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan.  Examine the proposal here.  While the Ryan blueprint contains several laudable proposals, it does not propose elimination of federal departments and agencies sufficient to make a meaningful reduction in federal spending and regulation, so [...]

Eisenhower’s Granddaughter Condemns Monument to Father as Communist Art

Man Controlling Trade

Architect Frank Gehry was commissioned by the Eisenhower Memorial Commission to add to the dizzying array of monuments in Washington one for the late great President and former Supreme Allied Commander (Europe) Dwight D. Eisenhower.  He came up with a modern, avant garde design.   Ten stone columns would support metal tapestries depicting his life, approved [...]

ICE Removes Accused Child Rapist from Cook County Sheriff, Then Releases Him

Amado Espinosa-Ramirez Mugshot

In a news report first released by The Daily Caller here , an accused serial sex offender, Amado Espinosa-Ramirez, was removed from Cook County Sheriff’s Office custody (Cook County, Illinois) by order of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) and then released pending a deportation hearing.  On release, Espinoza-Ramirez became a fugitive at large. Arrested on [...]

Supreme Court Knocks Down Agency Barriers to Judicial Review

Courtroom (feature)

For decades administrative agencies have jealously guarded their near authoritarian power by forcing those accused of violating agency rules to proceed through layer upon layer of agency review before a “final agency order” is declared and available for appeal.   Often, once the agency deems a regulated company or individual in violation of its rules, it [...]

IRS Employs 90,000 Examiners to Audit Alleged “Transfer Pricing” Tax Evaders


The IRS is expending $11.8 billion to finance an army of 90,000 agents in a quest to acquire new sources of taxable revenue from companies that shift their profits from one country to another as a means of reducing U.S. tax liability.  The practice is called “transfer pricing” and it is almost impossible to identify [...]

Obama About Face on Keystone Pipeline


In January of 2012, President Obama and Secretary of Energy Steven Chu denied requests from the Canadian company TransCanada to permit a pipeline from Alberta, Canada to Port Arthur, Texas (the so-called Keystone pipeline).  Citing environmental problems, the Administration refused to authorize the Canada to U.S. connection.  That was before gas prices soared and dramatically [...]

Fed Chairman Condemns Gold Standard

gold standard

In mid-March, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke delivered the first of four lectures designed to justify the existence of the federal reserve in the face of mounting criticism against centralized banking.  For the first time, Bernanke spent a considerable amount of time explaining why he believed the Federal Reserve superior to a gold standard. [...]

Read Restore the Republic

Restore the Republic; March 2012.

At a time when Americans experience great frustration over the indecisiveness of their leaders and over the paralysis in Congress that blocks progress toward the essential task of reducing the cost, size, and scope of the federal government, constitutional lawyer Jonathan Emord charts a bold and clear course to restore the republic, freedom, and prosperity. [...]

Read Global Censorship of Health Freedom

Global Censorship - Featured

Governments around the word prohibit consumers from receiving truthful information concerning disease prevention and treatment effects of nutrients.  They censor that health information to protect drug companies from competition.  The censorship sacrifices lives. In this well-researched and insightful book veteran constitutional and administrative attorney Jonathan W. Emord traces the origins of free speech rights to [...]

Read The Rise of Tyranny

Rise of Tyranny - Featured

Since 1935 the Congress of the United States has delegated vast legislative, executive, and judicial powers to the Federal Agencies.  The Founding Fathers predicted that if ever those constitutional powers were vested in single hands that would be the death of liberty and the birth of tyranny.


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