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Help us oppose the federal corruption and abuse of power.  Here’s how:

Use the widget below as a guide:


More information for elected representatives is available here at USA.gov.

You can call your representatives directly.  Identify yourself by name and residence location.  Succinctly explain why you are calling.  Succinctly explain what you want the office staff to do.  Remember, they represent you.  They are, in effect, your agents.  You should not feel intimidated about calling and you should expect courteous treatment and a direct response.  Remember, however, that most often your representatives will avoid a direct response unless they support the legislative action you seek.

You can write your representatives directly.  The best results come from brevity and clarity–you can imagine how much correspondence flows through their offices daily–with a clear request for information or a response.

In particular, we encourage you to take the following actions:

  1. To call on the Attorney General and the Department of Justice to bring charges against  House Financial Services Committee Chairman Spencer Bachus for insider trading violations.
  2. To call on the Attorney General and the Department of Justice to investigate whether those who have been campaign contributors to President Obama, including bundlers, have received loan guarantees from the Department of Energy for green energy projects without satisfying federal legal requirements for proof of their ability to repay the loans
  3. To call on the President to withdraw his March 16 Executive Order (National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order) and to call on the House and Senate Judiciary Committees to investigate whether that Executive Order violates the Constitution of the United States
  4. To call on the Congress of the United States to repeal Obamacare


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